New Patients

TKHC (Te Kauwhata Health Centre) is accepting new patients and is open to visits from non-residents. If you join the TKHC you areĀ eligibleĀ for cheaper doctor’s visits and prescription fees.

To join TKHC please download, print and fill in the 2 forms below, then bring them into the surgery at 12 Main St Te Kauwhata.

Why and how to enrol with your regions PHO
If you enrol with Waikato Primary Health, (Te Kauwhata Health Centres PHO) you will enjoy cheaper doctor’s visits and prescription fees. You will get access to many free health services in your community.

Enrolling is free. To enrol, you must complete a form for yourself and your family members at the medical practice of your choice. Complying with standards set by the National Enrolments Service we ask new patients to please bring photo ID confirming eligibility for funded medical services, ie; evidence of NZ citizenship, Residency, or Work Visa of 2 years or more.
You may change your doctor of choice at any time, or you can visit any other doctor as a casual patient, but you will pay a higher fee for that visit.

Important notes:

  • You can only enrol with one medical centre.
  • Government funding is made available to your family medical centre to care for you and your family.